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We are Appl Photo!

The two of us are a photographic dynamic duo, like peanut butter and jelly, Oreo cookies and milk or sunshine and a sandy beach – great by themselves but always so much better together!  Our zest for life is stamped all over our photography.  Rarely are we apart so everything we do together is twice as good!  When we aren't holding camera's you can often find us in the kitchen together enjoying one of Amber's famous recipies or out holding hands as we scout for new locations thru the city on our various walks.  We love to explore and have fun with every session – whether it's laughing at dad's bad jokes (sometimes we laugh so hard our cheeks ache!), watching the kids have an ice cream eating contest or finding just the right pose to make that beautiful bride look even more breath-taking is what we live for.  It's the graceful elegance, that little lump in your throat when you see her for the first time and the candid moments of joy that makes us fall in love with wedding photography over and over.  Where else can you find yourself surrounded by so much love?  We have the best job ever hands down!  A day at work for us is telling the love letters of your life with our photography!  Let us tell the story of your family, your life and your love.

What We Are All About

So people ask us all the time “so how do I get my pictures?”  Well, let us tell you how!  We provide you with a copy of the images in a high-resolution format with full printing rights.  That means that after we have colour corrected, edited and packaged our final selections you are free to print them however and where ever you wish!  We feel you should be able to enjoy all those beautiful moments for years to come – in whatever format you choose!  If you prefer once you have your images to then have us print them we use only the finest professional print labs.